Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

About Shift Digital

Shift Digital is a pioneering digital marketing company that provides innovative enterprise and retailer business solutions to help generate more sales at a lower cost. Shift Digital works with industry leading digital providers to create and manage programs and marketing initiatives that increase traffic, leads, and conversion rates.

A Mercedes-Benz Digital Consultant is a member of the Shift team who can help manage your website and offer strategic recommendations on how to drive more leads. The MDCs are not incentivized on sales and do not have provider preference. The MDC is an expert in all Mercedes-Benz Dealer Website Programs and platforms, and they maintain the relationship with you even through certified provider changes. Your MDC is available to you at no additional cost.

Your MDC can create custom and compliant content for your website. This includes custom banners, custom pages, updating National and Tier III offers and editing dealership information. They are trained in the Mercedes-Benz Brand Standards and can submit your website to MBC, correct compliance errors and consult on best practices. Your MDC can explain lead metrics, provide lead support, report on website performance and consult on ways to improve your website. They can also troubleshoot inventory issues, and answer questions regarding billing and CRM lead routing.

No, your MDC can only help manage your Certified Mercedes-Benz Website. Per the contract with Mercedes-Benz, he/she is not permitted to work on secondary sites or other OEM sites.

To find out who your MDC is, email

Certified Dealer Website Program

The Mercedes-Benz Dealer Website Program connects you with the biggest names in Automotive Digital Marketing to provide choice in who supports your website. Each website platform will present your site with a unique look and feel, allowing you to customize your online presence. The program will seamlessly integrate Mercedes-Benz passenger vehicles and Mercedes-Benz Vans content into a single website.

  • Provide you with the choice of market-leading website solutions
  • Industry-leading support with unbiased performance improvement recommendations through your Mercedes-Benz Digital Consultant
  • Complete insight into your digital performance, benchmarking, and best practices to promote continuous growth and conversion
  • Best in class program value by leveraging brand purchase power and provider competition
  • Provide a multi-brand website solution to appropriately market the Mercedes-Benz passenger vehicles and Mercedes-Benz Vans within a single digital experience

Yes. All dealers are required to select one of the Certified Website Program providers as part of the Mercedes-Benz dealer operating standards. Enrollment will provide you with integrations, analytics, and special pricing.

The Certified Website Providers are Dealer Inspire, SM360 and Strathcom.

Management fees differ based on the vendor. See the individual vendor pages for pricing information.

Dealer Inspire SM360 Strathcom

Research is available on each of the Certified Website Providers; click the links below to learn more. Additionally, the Mercedes-Benz Digital Consultants (MDCs) are available to offer unbiased program information or connect you with providers to learn more.

Dealer Inspire:



All contracts on the Certified Website Program are month-to-month. You may switch providers at any time, but please be aware of the billing rules. Let your MDC know you would like to switch website providers as soon as possible, preferably before the 10th of the month to avoid being double-billed.

The primary URL for your website will be purchased by Mercedes-Benz Canada and will follow the format You are free to purchase additional vanity URLs for marketing promotions and redirect them to your primary URL

Certified Dealer Website Program Leads and CRMs

Shift Digital direct posts all leads to 180. By receiving leads through the Mercedes-Benz Certified Dealer Digital Program, dealers will get better insight into lead and source performance.

There are two source types that will be posted to your CRM: brand leads and dealer website. Many of the leads will come through with full source names (i.e. DealerInspire – Quick Quote, SM – New Vehicle.)

Analytics & Reporting

Advanced reports on lead and website performance are available to you through the Mercedes-Benz Analytics dashboard via your MDC.

Because the same tagging is implemented across all dealer sites, this data is unbiased. It can be used to measure and compare lead and website performance for all dealers, regardless of which website platform they are using.


There are no long-term contracts in the Mercedes-Benz Digital Program. The contract period for all programs and services is month-to-month.

Dealership websites, Digital Advertising and special a-la-carte items will be billed directly to the dealer via Cheque.

Let your MDC know you would like to switch website providers as soon as possible, preferably before the 10th of the month to avoid being double-billed. Your MDC will work with you, as well as the website providers, to establish a go dark date for the old site and a go live date for the new site.

No. Package pricing will offer best-in-class program value by leveraging brand purchase power and provider competition.