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Technologies For The Innovative Dealer

Future proof your dealership

After years of innovating in the digital retailing space, Dealer Inspire knows firsthand how dealers can benefit from providing exactly what modern consumers want. With Online Shopper: Electric™ dealers can instantly create an integrated retailing experience that connects their showroom and website — all while generating rich, high-closing leads that get delivered straight to their CRM.


Online shopper: electric

With Online Shopper: Electric™, consumers can sign into their own digital garage to quickly save and compare payment options across multiple vehicles, add aftermarket and F&I products, estimate real-market trade-ins, and check-out in 3 easy steps. Designed for kiosk and ipad, Electric™ seamlessly connects your website to your in-store experience.

Electrify your platform

Electric™ turns your website — not a microsite or third party tool — into a space where shoppers can instantly explore, compare, and customize payment options across multiple vehicles so they can actually make buying decisions online.

Compare multiple vehicles

Online Shopper: Electric™ is the first digital retailing solution that allows consumers to compare multiple vehicles and financing options at the same time, empowering them with the ability to actually decide what vehicle — and monthly payment — is right for them online.

Car-buying easy as 1-2-3

With a simple three-step checkout process, once a consumer knows which car they want, it can be reserved at a dealership in a matter of seconds.

Start getting super leads

At the same time, Electric™ delivers all the information the consumer was providing throughout the payment process straight to your CRM, including trade-in values, down payments, projected monthly payments, possible rebates, and requested appointment slots. These are super leads, and they’re everything your sales team needs to close quickly.

In your showroom

Online Shopper: Electric™ is built for a modern in-store experience with iPad and kiosk design. Turn your showroom into a Genius Bar by pulling up your website and guiding shoppers to buying decisions with a transparent digital experience that builds trust and moves fast.

Accelerate trade-ins

Enable shoppers to get instant, fair-market trade-in estimate ranges that calculate into their payment options. You can also choose to offer firm estimates based on 360° photos shoppers can easily take, upload, and send to you for appraisal.

Have conversations™

Online Shopper: Electric™ also seamlessly integrates with our Conversations™ messaging platform, so in case a customer needs some help with the process your team can quickly offer a helping hand and keep deals moving forward.