Digital Retailing Program

Digital Retailing

Digital Retail software provides enhancements to a dealer website, combining already existing features into a “checkout-like” experience to guide the customer towards a purchase. Think of Digital Retail technology as an online storefront that allows the customer to complete as much of the buying process as they want from wherever they are. The tool can also be used in-store to empower your sales people in their conversations with customers and provide additional transparency and trust.

Implementation of Digital Retail technology requires commitment from the dealership management, but successfully implementing the tool can have a powerful impact on the customer experience at your store. When a dealership uses the tool to its full capabilities, it can help with employee recruitment and retention, streamlined operations, and higher gross margins.

Each vendor will facilitate the on-boarding of a new dealer with support as needed from Mercedes-Benz Canada and your Mercedes-Benz Digital Consultant. Once you’ve made a provider and package selection, your Mercedes-Benz Digital Consultant will contact you to discuss product and service activations.

Select a Supplier

Vendor Comparison

  360Agency Dealer Inspire Motoinsight
Setup / Installation (One-Time) N/A $600 No fee. (6-month term / minimum commitment period)
Monthly Fee $1,550 $1,500

Small (< 150 Units): $1,200
Large (> 150 Units): $1,500

Cross-website compatible No No Yes
Payment Calculator Yes Yes Yes
Trade-in Estimator Yes (CBB*) Yes (Trade Pending)

+$100/month (CBB*)

Yes (Trade Pending)

Credit Pre-Approval Yes Yes Yes
Credit Application Yes Yes Yes
Protection Products Yes No Yes
Accessories Add-Ons Yes Yes Yes
Appointment Scheduler Yes Yes Yes
Credit Card Capture / Deposit Yes (Stripe) Yes (OfferLogix) Yes (Stripe)

* Canadian Black Book

360 Agency

Showroom 360, a Car Selling Platform 100% Online

Offer the ultimate online shopping experience to your customers. Market your new or used vehicles with an online solution that is fully focused on the needs of today’s consumer and suitable for all devices.

SHOWROOM 360 offers a simple, transparent, and complete online experience by promising your consumers the autonomy, flexibility, and service quality that they are looking for.

SHOWROOM 360 provides retailers with the flexibility to market and position their pricing with in-house offers and OEM incentives.

SHOWROOM 360 is integrated with Canadian Black Book to evaluate the trade-in value of cars in real time.

Shift to e-commerce today and join the online retail revolution of the automotive industry.

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Dealer Inspire

Built on unprecedented technologies and industry-leading design, the Dealer Inspire platform future-proofs dealerships by powering faster, easier, and more confident car shopping journeys from search to signature.

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Motoinsight partners with dealerships to redefine automotive retail. Our flagship digital retail platform MotoCommerce enables amazing customer experiences by allowing car-buyers to do as much or as little of the purchase process from home on any device, seamlessly picking up where they left off at the dealership. We offer unique tools that help you get the most out of digital retailing, and our platform is proven to boost CSI, deliver higher conversion rates and increase F&I sales.

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